Acrylic impact modifier Topadd ® TIM-812

Acrylic impact modifier


  • Product description:Acrylic impact modifier Topadd ® TIM-812
TIM-812 is is an acrylic copolymer with a core-shell structure,it is mainly used to
improve the impact-strength and weatherability of PVC finished products . Advantage
●Excellent long-term weather resistance and processing window which promote the

development of moderate gloss surfaces and the generation of smooth surfaces. ●High impact strength and good Low-Temperature Impact. ●Higher output without increasing extruder amps.

Tech Spec

TIM-812 is suitable for outdoor and durable PVC based products, such as window
profiles, vinyl siding, vinyl fencing, deck, rail and weatherable injection molded parts. Recommended using dosage: 5.0-8.0kg per 100kg PVC resin. Package and Storage
25kg PP woven bag with PE liner or 20kg paper bag with PE liner
Should be stored in dry and ventilated storeroom. This product is non-dangerous. For other operations, please refer to SDS instructions provided by the manufacturer.
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