Weatherable Impact Modifier Topadd® ASA45

ASA Copolymer granules


  • Product description:Weatherable Impact Modifier Topadd® ASA45
ASA45 is acrylate-styrene-acrylonitrile tri-copolymer. It is ASA resin with high rubber
content. Its inner core is acrylate rubber, outer shell is grafted styrene-acrylonitrile
copolymer. It has excellent property of weatherability ,UV resistance and impact
resistance . Advantage
●Compatible with SAN, PC, PVC and other polymers
●Can be used with PVC or as a stand alone polymer
●Provides excellent impact and weatherability properties
●Maintains polymer properties in UV and thermal environment
●Improves UV resistance when blended with less stable polymers
●Increases HDT of PVC compounds
Tech Spec

It can be pelletized into ASA engineering plastic while mixture with AS;
It can be used to make ASA/PC alloy;
It can also be used as outdoor impact modifier of PVC. Similar grades
Chemtura Royaltuf 945A
Package and Storage
20kg paper bag with PE liner
Should be stored in dry and ventilated storeroom. This product is non-dangerous. For other operations, please refer to SDS instructions provided by the manufacturer


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