MBS Impact Modifier

MBS impact modifier


  • Product description:MBS Impact Modifier Topadd® MIP-T802
T802 is the tercopolymer of methyl methacrylate(M), butadiene(B),styrene(S) , which
is mainly used in the processing of rigid PVC. The main characteristics of T802 is that
offers PVC products with excellent impact resistance, high transparency. Advantage:
●Excellent impact efficiency with high transparency
●Fast fusion contributes to higher-output
Tech Spec:

High impact transparent film / sheet / containers
Blow or injection molded articles Suction plastics
Similar grades
Rohm&Haas: BTA-730
Kaneka: B-22
LG chem: MB-880
Arkema: C-350
Package and Storage
20kg paper bag with PE liner
Should be stored in dry and ventilated storeroom. This product is non-dangerous. For other operations, please refer to SDS instructions provided by the manufacturer.


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