Common PVC Impact Modifier


Common PVC Impact Modifier

PVC resin is a hard and brittle material with poor impact resistance strength, generally only 3-5kJ / m.The main reason for the need to improve the impact resistance strength is its sensitivity to the gap, but also to improve the low-temperature shock resistance performance.At present, through the PVC polymer blend resist modifier technology, can effectively harden brittle hard PVC, this kind of resist modifier is a certain compatibility with PVC polymer elastomer, it can make the mixing system can maintain UPVC high modulus, high rigidity, and can greatly improve the gap impact intensity, obviously improve the low temperature impact intensity.Currently, common PVC antioxidants are chlorinated polyethylene (CPE)

   CPE, chloride polyethylene, by part of HDPE chloride due to the existence of chlorine atoms, CPE has softness and some rubber properties, and make CPB become a polar polymer and has the same polar group with PVC, increase the compatibility with PVC, so the polymer chain can maintain enough large van der Waals force to improve the impact resistance of PVC, play a toughening role.Moreover, CPE has the function of promoting PVC melting and accelerating plasticizing, and with the increase of CPE dosage, the plastic time shortens the plastic torque, the balance torque increases, and the viscosity of the plastic melt increases. Chlorinated polyethylene (CPE) is a powder product using HDPE in the water phase. With the increase of chlorination degree, the originally crystalline HDPE gradually becomes a non-crystalline elastomer.For the CPE used as a tougher, the C1 content is generally 25-45%.CPE has a wide range of sources and low price. In addition to its toughening effect, it also has cold resistance, weather resistance, flame resistance and chemical resistance.At present, CPE is the dominant impact modifier in China, especially in the production of PVC pipes and profiles, and most factories use CPE.The amount of additions is generally 5- -15 copies.CPE can be used in conjunction with other toughening agents, such as rubber and EVA, with better results, but rubber additives do not resist aging


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